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Hall*Comm Trust will co-fund youths from across Saskatchewan who wish to attend summer sports school or camp, but who cannot afford all the school or camp fees.  Frequently, a partnership between charitable organizations will enable a youth to attend sports school or camp at significantly reduced fees and often FREE.
Hall*Comm Trust is very selective, and will only co-fund youths for attendance at camps or schools headed by certified professional “A” teachers who are also highly-accomplished skills-development coaches.  After extensive consideration, Hall*Comm Trust has chosen to partner with Canadian Tire Jump Start (CTJS) in order to co-fund youths to attend Young Athlete Saskatchewan Inc. (YAS) 2017 summer basketball camps.

Acting as the “applicant,” a parent, guardian or other adult family member may apply for a Hall*Comm Trust bursary for their youth(s) as follows:



1. The applicant must submit a fully-completed YAS 2017 registration form found in a YAS 2017 a brochure for each of their youths, and write these words " I will apply for Jump Start " in the payment section at the bottom of the registration form.  The youth named on the registration form will be immediately registered for the camp they've chosen and a confirmation package including their numbered camp jersey will be sent to them.  No fees will be due yet.


2.  At the same time, the applicant must immediately apply for Jump Start funding on-line at the Jump Start web site


3.  If Jump Start approves funding for the applicant, Jump Start will notify both the applicant and YAS that Jump Start will pay all or part of the applicant's YAS camp fee.


4.  If Jump Start pays the applicant's entire YAS camp fee, the registration process will be completed and nothing more will be required from the applicant.  They will attend camp, learn skills and have a great experience.


5.  If Jump Start pays part or none of the applicant's fees, the applicant must do one of two things immediately: 

·         Pay the balance of their youth's camp fees to YAS on their own,

·         Request further financial assistance from Hall*Comm Trust using the application form below.


6.  If Hall*Comm Trust approves funding for the applicant, Hall*Comm Trust will pay up to $100.00 directly to YAS on behalf of the applicant. 


7.  If any part of the applicant's fees still remains unpaid after steps 1 through 6 have been completed, the applicant will be required to pay the balance of their camp fee on their own to YAS before starting camp.


Example #1

·         YAS 2017 Camp fee is $210.00

·         Jump Start pays $100.00 to YAS

·         Hall*Comm pays $100.00 to YAS

·         Applicant Pays $10.00 to YAS

Example #2

·         YAS 2017 Camp fee is $210.00

·         Jump Start pays $75.00 to YAS

·         Hall*Comm pays $75.00 to YAS

·         Applicant Pays $60.00 to YAS

Example #3

·         YAS 2017 Camp fee is $210.00

·         Jump Start Pays $50.00 to YAS

·         Hall*Comm pays $50.00 to YAS

·         Applicant Pays $110.00 to YAS



A)      A YAS 2017 Registration Form must be submitted immediately, by one of the methods explained in the YAS brochure:   regular mail,   or   in person at the gym   or   on YAS web site   or   by phone.

B)       At the same time as the YAS Registration Form is submitted to YAS, the Jump Start application must be completed on the Canadian Tire Jump Start web site. 

C)       Once steps A and B have been completed, and a response has been received from Canadian Tire, and if the applicant still needs more assistance: a Hall*Comm application may be submitted.  It must be received at least five days before the first day of the camp for which the applicant has registered:

1. Mail at PO Box 27020, 2105 - 8th Street East, Saskatoon, S7H 5N9


2. Scanned copy attached to an email sent to   hallcomm1@gmail.com

Hall*Comm Trust Bursary Application Form      (Please PRINT Clearly)

    Parent’s or Guardian’s Last and First Name (Applicant)                       Telephone Number(s)                                  Email Address

                                     Canada Post Address                                                                                                      Postal Code 

     Last and First Name of the Youth for whom this Application is made                                                     Age as of June 30, 2017

                  Amount Pre-Approved by Canadian Tire Jump Start                                                Amount Requested from Hall*Comm Trust





The YAS administration has informed us that during each spring a large supply of YAS brochures is delivered
to the attention of the teaching staff at every Saskatchewan school for distribution to students and their parents, in the same fashion as other information is distributed about other non-profit summer camps and programs through schools.  We understand that most schools are very good about making students and parents aware of YAS. 

However, if YAS 2017 information is not available at your school, visit the YAS web site  www.yas.ca
and click on the link “2017 Main Camp Brochure” or just call the YAS office to have one sent or emailed to you.




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