Hall*Comm Trust                Bursary Application Process


Hall*Comm Trust was established in 1996 by graduates of Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School and Campion College in Regina and alumni of the Universities of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Regina, Victoria and Calgary. 
Each year Hall*Comm Trust enters into one or more partnerships with high-level entities in order to co-fund youths from across Saskatchewan who wish to attend summer sports schools and or camps, but who cannot afford all the schools’ or camps’ fees.  In thousands of instances, such partnerships have enabled youths to attend summer sports schools or camps at reduced fees and occasionally free from any fee.
In recent years, Hall*Comm Trust has limited its sponsorship for youths to attend camps or schools headed by certified Professional “A” teachers who are accomplished basketball skills instructors.  During 2018, Hall*Comm Trust will partner with YAS - Young Athlete Saskatchewan Summer Basketball School.
Acting as the “applicant” on behalf of a youth a parent, or guardian or other adult extended family member may apply for a Hall*Comm Trust bursary as follows:

            1. First:    The applicant must acquire a YAS 2018 Summer Basketball School brochure.  Each brochure contains
                           a YAS 2018 registration form and registration instructions.  


            2. Next:    The applicant must submit a fully-completed YAS 2018 registration form.  At this point the applicant will
                           not be required to pay any camp fees.  Instead, the applicant should print Applying for Jump Start
in the payment section at the bottom of the registration form.  The registration will be
                           accepted pending Jump Start’s decision about funding.  NOTE:  The registration can also be submitted
                           on-line at the YAS web site 
www.yas.ca   which means that the applicant must coincidentally call
                           the YAS office to inform them that the applicant is applying for Jump Start funding.  

            3. Next:    The applicant must immediately apply on their own for “Jump Start” funding at the following web site:


                           Jump Start will take some time to decide whether or not to award funding, usually several weeks.

            4. Next:    If Jump Start approves funding for the applicant, Jump Start will notify both the applicant and YAS
                           coincidentally.  If Jump Start denies funding, Jump Start will only notify the applicant  .  .  .  which
                           means that the applicant must tell YAS that Jump Start has denied them funding. 

            5. Next:    If Jump Start awards funding to cover all of the applicant’s YAS camp(s) fee(s), the applicant’s YAS
                           registration will be complete and they will permitted to attend YAS camp without further payment.


             6. However:  If Jump Start decides to pay only part or none of the applicant’s fees, the applicant can do one
                           of two things:

                             a) pay the balance of their fees to YAS on their own, or

                             b) contact Hall*Comm Trust to request additional funding at (306) 584 - 1405.

             7. Next:    If Hall*Comm Trust approves additional funding for the applicant, Hall*Comm Trust will pay up
                           to $100.00 per camp per youth directly to YAS on behalf of the applicant.

            8. Finally:  If any part of the applicant’s fees remain unpaid after Hall*Comm Trust has paid YAS on their behalf,
                           the applicant will be required to pay the balance of their camp(s) fee(s) on their own to YAS. 


a)     Hall*Comm funding will not be awarded for anyone who has registered for, or attended, or plans to register
      for, or plans to attend any summer sports camp or school other than YAS during July and August 2018.
      Exception:  Hall*Comm Trust may fund applicants who are involved in Basketball Saskatchewan
      (BSI) camps and teams so that they can attend YAS camp(s) after their BSI involvement is complete.

b)     The administrators of YAS have informed us that a supply of YAS 2018 Summer Basketball School
      brochures was recently sent to every Saskatchewan school and board office for re-distribution to students
      and parents.  Schools and board office staff members have always been very good about sharing
      information about YAS and other professionally-headed non-profits. However, if anyone did not receive
      a brochure through their school, they should email    
info@yas.ca     and request one. 
      A YAS brochure can also be viewed and downloaded from the YAS web site at